RTD-Incotest® Applications

RTD-Incotest® Applications

Some samples of RTD-Incotest applications. This reflects not the complete application range; RTD-Incotest can be applied in many other situations as well. Please contact us if your inspection object is not listed.

Post Structures

Aged port structures are a common problem in the industrial as well as civil sector. Structures are affected by tide and saltwater, causing severe corrosion over the years. To avoid failure of port structures and accidents, cost and time-intensive efforts are required for conventional inspections.

Columns, Column Skirts & Tanks

Columns and their skirts often come along with insulations and fireproofing concrete. Also here RTD-Incotest is an excellent solution for fast and easy inspections. It helps reducing the shutdown maintenance by pointing out the critical areas during the production period with less or no preparation.

Spherical Tank Legs

Common Spherical Tank Legs have a fireproofing concrete for safety reasons. The condition of the leg itself cannot be inspected conventional without removal of the concrete. An expensive problem in the industry – and a safety issue if the concrete is removed while the tank is filled with product.

Insulated/Coated Pipelines & Tanks

Coated and Insulated pipelines can be inspected without preparation. Added Value for maintaining integrity of pipes in service. Scanning pipelines with RTD-Incotest during the production allows focusing on critical sections during the maintenance shutdown of the facility.

Offshore Inspections

Offshore risers for Oil Platforms demand inspections as well. A semi-automated RTD-Incotest Riser Tool can be deployed for carrying out the inspection of risers safely. Other offshore solutions can be provided as well.