RTD-Incotest ® – Corrosion under insulation

RTD-Incotest ® – Advanced Wall thickness reduction screening technology; for insulated and coated carbon steel products. Fireproofing concrete, marine growth, scale, dirt and more – no problem for RTD-Incotest ®. Advantec-IS provides this service. Please contact us if you are interested in this screening technology. 


The RTD-Incotest ® system can detect general wall thickness reduction or loss thru insulation, marine growth or concrete and therefore it is perfectly suitable as screening technology for ferrous objects. INCOTEST is an acronym and stands for INsulated COmponent TESTing

The principle of RTD-Incotest® is based on pulsed eddy current. A magnetic field generated by the sensor magnetise the pipe material. Once the object is saturised, the field is switched of. The change in the magnetic field produces eddy currents in the magnetised area. The magnetic field created from the eddy current is measured by the sensor. The signal is processed and computed digital, comparing the deviation in the transient time (echo) with a reference measurement. If no specific reference piece is available the reference will be taken from the inspection object itself. 


Depending on wall thickness and “lift-off” (e.g. insulation, coating, marine growth or fireproofing concrete) one measurement takes 2-30 seconds, at most objects such as pipes and tanks around 2-4 seconds. Depending on the accessibility, more than 1000 measurements per day can be performed with RTD-Incotest ®. 


Due to the fact that RTD-Incotest ® can detect changes in wall thickness thru insulation, coatings, concrete, marine growth and others, reduces preparation time significantly. Removal of Insulation, marine growth, scale and coatings is not required. By use of extension poles even scaffolding requirements can be minimized or completely avoided.


Various sub-sea modified equipment including crawlers can be mobilised.Special probes for the splash zone in port structures or whole semi-automated systems to inspect off-shore platform risers.


For critical pipelines with limited expected lifetime and high FAC (Flow Accelerated Corrosion) or Corrosion rates permanent installations can be provided. The sensors will be mounted fixed on the pipe. The readings can be either taken from a connection box or transferred directly to your control room or any other location.

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