Subsea Inspection

Japan stands in the top six maritime nations in the world, as Japan’s main island is surrounded by ocean. The port consists of many kinds of marine constructions such as the caisson, sheet pile & sheet pile pipe for protection against erosion. There are also many offshore structures, mandatory for the industry: oil loading pipeline, pier, dolphin.


Generally, marine constructions in Japan are more than 40 years old and these aging structures have not been inspected periodically. Inspections are primarily done manually by the diver. The usual inspection include visual checks, potential measurements for cathodic protection and wall thickness measurement by manual UT.


These manual inspections take time and are costly. With the volume of port and offshore structures, it is difficult to inspect all of them. For this situation, Advantec-IS would like to introduce Advanced Subsea Inspection Solution. We are familiar with various technologies: not only NDT but also robotics for subsea inspection. This is our advantage, and we can supply the best solution to solve your problems for subsea inspection.

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