Tailored Inspection

Tailored Inspection

The inspection process poses many challenges, such as asset access, length, size, temperature, inside and outside conditions and more. Advantec-IS understands that not all solutions can be solved in the same way. To help solve a client’s problem directly, Advantec-IS offers tailored solutions to clients. When Advantec-IS has an any specific inquiry from client with a difficult situation, we will not reject it directly. We check other possible technologies developed by global service providers, and we aim to find a practical solution. The followings are some examples, please contact us before giving up the inspection.

Under Tailored Inspection

Customized Robotics Inspection Technology

Depending on the object, work environment and inspection requirement, we can suggest a suitable robotics solution.


Subsea Inspection

Subsea environments pose difficult conditions for inspection compared to onshore environments. We specialize in subsea inspections and can support your subsea inspection needs.

International Standard

Each country and area have their own industrial standards. By using our global network, we can offer our services to help adhere to the the required standards.