Bike Platform Inspection

Bike Platform Inspection

Inspections that are difficult to access, such as higher locations (tower, flare stack, bridge, pipeline) and confined & H2S, CO, CO2 risk environments (small diameter pipe, tank & vessel), are done traditionally using scaffoldings, rope access and gas masks. This far-from-ideal solution is a problem for many plant owners, as it is uncomfortable and dangerous for engineers, costly, and time consuming. The Bike Platform solution can provide a solution to your inspection problem in a way conventional practices cannot solve.

The advantage of Bike Platform is that Bike can climb vertical walls, drive inside and outside pipe structures, and pass over complex combinations of convex and concave step obstacles to perform a visual inspection, UT wall thickness measurement and more. Please contact us to solve your inspection problems.

Bike passes on an obstacle​

Bike drives on a curved surface

Bike drives on a complex pipeline​

Technical Data

The following are the Technical Data about the Bike Platform

Bike Platform Inspection & Case Study

The advantage of using the Bike Platform for inspection is that Bike can drive on many kinds of complex shape objects. The Bike Platform can perform ultrasonic wall thickness measurements and visual inspections up to a distance of 30 meters.

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