OpenVision™ OVCF - NDT-70

OpenVision™ OVCF - NDT-70

OpenVision™ – OVCF is Hand-Held Real-Time X-Ray Imaging System.

OpenVision™ enables real‐time, qualitative screening for corrosion under insulation (CUI). If not identified and corrected, CUI can create major cost and safety issues. The OpenVision™ screening system identifies problem areas quickly, saving valuable time and resources. OpenVision™ effectively increases inspection productivity in the refinery, pipeline, and offshore environments. The lightweight, ergonomic c‐arm frame significantly reduces fatigue during the inspection. In addition, robust eyelet attachment points enable operators to safely perform rope access inspection. Versatility and reliability make OpenVision™ an efficient addition to an NDT inspection toolbox.

The advantage of using OpenVision™ for CUI, is the speed, inspection quality and safety. Experience shows that a user can inspect the pipeline around 180 m (only pipe bottom) per day. The inspection result is movie or phot, it is easy to recognize corrosion on the surface.


The equipment is automatically stopped in 90 seconds with no radiation controlled areas required. As the screening tool for CUI, OpenVision™ satisfies the client request as an efficient tool, giving a reliable result and increasing safety.

Benefits include:

Technical Data

Still Image Capture of Defects

Case Study

OpenVision™ is mainly used to CUI inspection, such as insulated pipe, elbow, flange, valve and more. The insulation is consisted of the insulation material (glass wool, Calcium silicate) and sheeting, OpenVision™ can show the object surface which is covered by the insulation. Then you can find a sign of corrosion, wall thickness loss, such as scale, rust. This is the advantage of OpenVision™, you can understand the object condition without removing the insulation. We are willing to make the demonstration, please contact us anytime.

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