CUI Inspection

CUI Inspection (Corrosion Under Isulation)

CUI is a significant problem for industrial plants. On the surface the condition of the object may look fine; underneath there is often corrosion which leads to problems such as leaking. For this reason, CUI inspection is essential.

One method of CUI inspection is a screening technology. Screening is not a detailed inspection but it can quickly detect corrosion under insulation. Once CUI is detected by the screening process, a detailed inspection can be carried out. This is an efficient way to inspect CUI.

Under CUI Inspection


When one inspection point is defined as a reference point, the result of the other inspection point is calculated with the reference point.


OpenVision™ OVCF-NDT -70

OpenVision™ – OVCF is a Hand-Held Real-Time X-Ray system for CUI inspection to look for corrosion on a pipe surface.
The result of the inspection is captured as a video and/or photo file, an easy way to recognize the pipe’s condition.