Post Structures

Aged port structures are a common problem in the industrial as well as civil sector. Structures are affected by tide and saltwater, causing severe corrosion over the years. To avoid failure of port structures and accidents, cost and time-intensive efforts are required for conventional inspections (e.g. UT, visual). Port structures can be inspected without removing of coatings and marine growth by using RTD-Incotest. This advantage allows a high number of inspection points compare to conventional techniques. Big sections of the sheet pile or support legs can be inspected in one day. The data presentation provides a good overview over the asset condition, and allows the engineering or maintenance department to focus on the critical areas.

We can perform RTD-Incotest with our current Probes down to 3000m (attached to an ROV). For Port Structures we use normally cables of 10, 20 or 50m length depending on the requirements.