Robotics Inspection

Robotics Inspection

Thanks to recent hardware and software technology improvements, many kinds of technologies suitable for NDT. Especially, in oversea countries, robotics is used positively for NDT work. Reliablity, convenience and safety are drivers for plant owners to utilize these technologies.
The advantage of using robotics is that it can capture reliable inspection data, reduce outage time as well as costs for the project. Additionally, it can access the location where an engineer cannot safely access, i.e. confined spaces (inside tanks) and elevated pipes (pipes at a production facility).

Another main reason is manpower. The lack of manpower in the industry is big problem; labor accidents during the work at confined spaces, height location and hazardous environment are all critical issues.


Inspections utilizing robotics can solve such problems. Advantec-IS can introduce many kinds of robotics inspection solutions to address the current challenges. Please read our advanced robotics inspection solution and contact us about your specific problem.

Under Robotics Inspection

Bike Platform Inspection

The Bike Platform is cutting-edge robotics technology. It can be driven on a complex object surface and can capture the wall thickness measurement and visual inspection.


Pipeline Inspection

One of the most reliable and widely-used inspection solutions for the global pipeline industry. It is possible to inspect the wall thickness and search for defects from a 6-inch to 64-inch diameter pipeline.