Applus RTD PIT (Pipeline Inspection Tool)

Traditionally, internal inspection for corrosion detection and checking for wall thickness in unpiggable pipelines has often been regarded as impossible. Applus RTD has developed the PIT (Pipeline Inspection Tool) which makes these inspections not only possible, but also safe, reliable and highly cost-effective. By using advanced ultrasonic techniques, our PIT enables accurate pipeline inspection in even the most complex situations; in pipelines that cannot be inspected by using traditional free-swimming intelligent pigs.

New standards

The Applus RTD PIT sets new standards in effective pipeline inspection. PIT tools are gravity moved, pumped or self-propelled cable operated systems inspecting pipes from the inside. Via an open access point, a PIT inspection system is injected into the pipe. As it passes down the pipeline, attached to a reinforced umbilical cable, it takes measurements related to wall thickness and corrosion on both the inside and outside of the pipe. The PIT will be stopped remotely at the end of the pipeline and put in reverse. During its reverse run, the PIT will again record data to further increase the coverage, and to confirm reproducibility of the results. The umbilical cable transfer the inspection results in real time during the inspection.


Each PIT can be adapted to the specific needs the pipeline. Configurations are selectable with up to 64 sensors in an array or with a rotating transducer array for 100% circumferential coverage to meet requirements. PIT can be also equipped with crack detection and XYZ mapping.


The tool can also be modified to enable safe passage past tees, valves, diameter changes and flexible pipe connections. Additional traction modules for the passage of steep slopes and distances of up to 17 kilometers are available.


The Applus RTD PIT can be tailor-made to enable any variety of versions, so that the optimal configuration can be selected according to on-site requirements. All tools feature the same advanced ultrasonic technology, and all are designed to operate from only one open end of the pipeline.


Regardless of the speed, inspection with our PIT is always carried out with the maximum accuracy, and is always reproducible. In this way, progressive corrosion measurements can be taken over a period of time, and you have trustworthy data with which we can help you with your inspection plans.


Available versions:

The available PIT tools are as various as the pipelines used in the industry. The tools are flexible in configuration and can be adapted to the needs of your specific pipeline. With our partner Applus RTD we are able to provide a suitable solution for your pipeline too.

Technical Data

The following is a sample tool specification.

We can offer customized tool depending on your requirement, for inspection.

Case Study

The following is the example of standard PIT solution and DTI – small diameter pipe solution.

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