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Welcome to Advantec-IS

Advantec-IS is your window to the world for innovative Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection Robotics Solutions. Our company supports your business by bringing the best Non-Destructive Testing and Robotics solutions to Japan. Our highly experienced NDT team in Japan, operating from Osaka is dedicated to providing you with the best possible service and product. We represent the world’s leading innovators in NDT, such as QSA Global, Innospection and more.

Advantec-IS can support you in the following ways:


Our services are not limited to the below listed ones. We provide other services for a wide range of applications and situations with special requirements to inspections. Solutions provided by us are usual tailored to the specific requirements of the inspection.


CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) is the problem for plant integrity. We can introduce good solution for CUI to satisfy with the asset owner.


Robotics Inspection is getting practically. We are leading of Robotics Inspection provider, can help your inspection by Robotics.


We can support the asset owner’s problem with using the over-sea cutting edge  NDT & robotics technology.


We have many kinds of advanced inspection solutions from companies around the globe. We believe that these products will solve your inspection problems. Additionally, we will work with you to find and provide other product solutions that fit your special inspection requirements.

QSA Global

Useful rapid screening technology for CUI inspection.


Competitive, high efficient CUI screening technology with using real-time radiographic inspection system


Waygate Technologies

Cutting-edge robotics and a visual inspection solution.


Robotics can drive to high locations and go into confined objects to take ultrasonic wall thickness measurements.


Guided Ultrasonic

Rapid, long range screening technology for pipeline & pipe support.

High productive inspection technique for detecting the defect, from long pipelines to corrosion under the pipe.


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