MEC-SCAN™ Pipescanners

The range of MEC-SCANTM Pipescanners are designed and built for high speed, high performance inspection applications. Based on the Saturation Low Frequency Eddy Current technique, the MEC-SCANTM Pipescanners allow the detection of internal and external corrosion in thin and thick walled piping and vessel components.


This dynamic inspection technique utilises Eddy Current in combination with a magnetic field. With the superimposed DC-magnetisation, the depth of penetration is increased to such an extent that the internal corrosion attack (metal loss) can be detected from the external surface. It also allows the detection of small volumetric internal and external defects.


Its superiority also includes the clear differentiation between the internal and external defects and the ability to inspect both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, including through non-magnetic coatings such as GRP, rubber, paint, etc. Direct surface coupling is not necessary due to its electromagnetic principle.


With its comprehensive reporting software, accurate, reliable and repeatable inspection results are provided in real-time. The advanced colour condition mapping report provides an analysis of both the detected internal and external defects in terms of size, wall loss severity and locations.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • with diameter ranging from 2” to flat surfaces
  • with wall thickness up to 19mm
  • coating thickness up to 8mm
  • experience with temperatures up to 170° C

Technical Data

The following is Technical Data and Case study of Pipe Scanner

Case Study

MEC Pipe Scanner is mainly used for painted & coated pipes. However, it can also be used to inspect the following difficult object too.

Product Information Sheet