MEC-SCAN™ Floorscanners

The MEC-SCANTM Floorscanners are designed and built for high speed, high performance inspection applications. Based on the Saturation Low Frequency Eddy Current technique, the MEC-SCANTM Floorscanners allow the detection of topside and underside corrosion in coated and uncoated tank floor plates.


This dynamic inspection technique utilises Eddy Current in combination with a magnetic field which has been proven in the industry to be superior to techniques like Magnetic Flux Leakage System. The MEC-SCANTM Floorscanners have powerful scanning capabilities in excess of 3 times the material thickness and 5 times the coating thickness. They are also capable of detecting defects less than half the size of what is able to be detected by the MFL technique.


Its superiority includes the unique feature of differentiation between the topside and underside defects as well as distinguishing defects from false calls by means of the signal phase. It is also able to inspect both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.


With its dedicated colour mapping and reporting software, accurate and reliable inspection results are provided in real-time in the form of an extensive colour overview of the condition mapping, C-Scan report, statistical analysis overview, individual defect listing and repair plate report.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • with wall thickness to 30mm
  • with coating thickness to 10mm

Technical Data

The following is Technical Data and Case study of Floor Scanner

Case Study

MEC Floor Scanner can inspect the tank floor with distinction between Topside / Underside.

Product Information Sheet